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Recent content by CKeeler

  1. CKeeler

    I put in a LSD in my 3.3 GT

    What are your initial impressions?
  2. CKeeler

    Gas Pedal All The Way Down - Click button

    Interesting. My ‘18 GT with 48k still has the click. When it downshifts is it downshifting to the lowest possible gear for the speed, or just downshifting 1 or 2 gears?
  3. CKeeler

    New rubber for the Stinger!

    I had the G-Force Comp-2 A/S on my wife’s car once. Only lasted 25k. Not enough tread life for a family sedan. Good grip though.
  4. CKeeler

    Never modified before

    @TurboTx summed it up pretty well
  5. CKeeler


    Nice intro… When did you get your stinger? Post some pics
  6. CKeeler

    Oil Catch Can - Evidence-Based Study?

    My car is stock tune and I dump out the catch can at every oil change. I use to drive a lot of highway miles so the build up wasn’t too much, maybe 4-5oz per oil change. Now my driving is a lot less because of having a job closer to home (PTL!), so I haven’t checked it in a few months. When I...
  7. CKeeler

    any issues with flat tires due to potholes on 19” wheels?

    Once. When my car was only a few months old. Wasn’t even a pothole either. A chunk of asphalt curb made its way out in the street and I ended up hitting it. Popped the tire and bent my front passenger strut. I’ve yet to have the wheels checked for roundness, but since I replaced the strut I...
  8. CKeeler

    White line sway bars

    You’ll love the new confident feeling
  9. CKeeler

    Drop in Air Filter

    I use K&N drop ins and it’s not a huge difference. Slightly better fuel economy, but I really didn’t notice any jump in power until I did exhaust
  10. CKeeler

    FS Eibach springs $200 (sold)

    Selling my Eibach lowering springs. Deciding to do stock for a while, might go with another brand later on. $200 Local pick up only. Zip code 92587
  11. CKeeler

    Exhaust Thread

    You might be better off asking an exhaust shop to make one for you if that’s all you’re looking to do.
  12. CKeeler

    White line sway bars

    I’ve had zero issues with my sway bars. I’ve had them on for a while now.
  13. CKeeler

    Braking distance from 164 ft. to 154 ft.

    Slotted rotors and track pads. Upgraded suspension parts will allow the car to stay balanced during hard braking therefore allowing the brakes to work more efficiently. It’s not much, but every little bit helps, especially on the track.
  14. CKeeler

    Stinger GT AWD JB4 Map 2 vs Honda Accord 2.0T 10A Ktuned Stage 2

    Some don’t get it. Some actually are car people and know when they are beat. I whooped on a stock 18 mustang GT by three car lengths and when I let off he never passed me. Takes honor to admit defeat
  15. CKeeler

    vibration after lowering with eibachs under acceleration

    Well, sorry we couldn’t help you. It does take people to be more active on the forum to get answers to your questions