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Recent content by Officer_Peps

  1. Officer_Peps

    Kia Stinger Aftermarket Wheel Options

    I have the white car with the gold like trim. I’d like to get that same gold trim color on some wheels. Have any idea what I’m talking about? Or do you have that color?
  2. Officer_Peps

    Speed Limiter with JB4

    I got the same problem. Pisses me off. Let me know if you find anything out.
  3. Officer_Peps

    Jb4 and vanity covers

    Where did you get the vanity cover. I’d like to get them for mine.
  4. Officer_Peps

    JB4 installed. Now to remove the governor??

    Flash Tune??? How do I do that? Or can’t I? It’s so annoying.
  5. Officer_Peps

    JB4 installed. Now to remove the governor??

    Anyone now how to remove the governor (speed restrictor) on a ‘18 Stinger 3.3L? Just installed the JB4 450 WHP kit and my car tops out at 134 MPH. I know it can go more but it’s restricted. Any takers?