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  1. spider55

    Phoenix AZ Meets

    Sometimes they meet at Mixteca in Phoenix or at Kneaders bakery in Chandler. The one in Chandler is a Car & Coffee & it happens every 3rd Saturday of every month. Mixteca happens every Saturday night..
  2. spider55

    New onwner! 3.3t 2019 g70

    Welcome & congratulations, good looking cars (y)
  3. spider55

    FS JB4 For Sale

    A friend of mine has a JB4 for sale, he is asking $400, if you want his info message me..
  4. spider55

    Exhaust Thread

    Welcome @Moose & @W00TCAMP I'm not 100% if one is made but I'm sure if you have enough money anything is possible..
  5. spider55

    Miami Meetup

    Welcome @Gennyguy
  6. spider55

    Caster/camber plate

    Welcome @Wittbrij I haven't heard of anyone running caster/camber plates..
  7. spider55

    Exhaust questions

    Welcome @kstang, Borla is your best bet but it is very loud..
  8. spider55

    Wanted: Velossa tech big mouth air ram and Keene design trunk spoiler

    Welcome, If I see anything I'll let you know..
  9. spider55

    Differences between AWD Eco, Comfort, and Sport modes

    Welcome @iQMe I've heard the car hands the snow very well..
  10. spider55

    (3.3TT) Another Front Brake/Rotor Problem... Lost For Words

    Replaced mine with all 4 corners, FELLA 2 piece rotors & Stoptech performance pads.
  11. spider55

    Sway Bars and where to buy them.

    Changing out the sway bars is the best mod you can do. The car handles completely different, hardly any role. When you install sway bars your gonna want to change the endlinks, the stock endlinks will not last with aftermarket sway bars. I've heard of a few guys that bent their stock endlinks an...
  12. spider55

    Winter tires and rims for 2022 GT AWD Elite.

    Welcome, Your best bet is to buy a set of steel wheels an install a set of Blizzak tires on them.. Here's a link for the wheels.. https://dtd2009.ca/us/851401-wheels.html Here's a thread that was already talking about this subject... Steel Winters? | Kia Stinger Forum
  13. spider55

    New owner

    Great looking car, nice color..
  14. spider55

    What's next to do Performance wise.

    Do a secondary cat delete & a FMIC system like Mishimoto or JonnyTig because both of those come with a merge pipe. Personally I don't run WMI, I've heard complaints about it, what I do every once in a while is run some TORCO with a full tank of 91oct which gives me 100oct in which makes the...
  15. spider55

    Steel Winters?

    Check these out, contact @Djltoronto he runs steel wheels in the winter.. https://dtd2009.ca/us/851401-wheels.html
  16. spider55

    FS WTB JB4

    Here's someone that is selling a JB4.. Anthony Creel | Facebook
  17. spider55

    New owner

    Welcome @evanslmtd Post some pictures when you get a chance
  18. spider55

    Will these work?

    Just looking at the wheel size an offset, yes those will fit..
  19. spider55

    Steel Winters?

    Welcome, just by looking at them no, some of the guys on here run steel wheels for the winter. Hopefully one of them will pop on an tell you the right setup.