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  1. spider55

    Hi new 2022 g70 2.0t owner looking to chat about aftermarket parts.

    Welcome & congratulations, post some pictures when you get a chance.
  2. spider55

    What going to be your first Genesis G70 mod?

    Welcome & congratulations @BossHogg
  3. spider55

    Hi everyone, 2022 G70 owner here

    Welcome & congratulations, sweet ride
  4. spider55

    FS Brand New Kia Stinger - ATQ Subframe Chassis Collar Kit $200 inc. shipping

    Yep, I've had these installed for the past 4+ years, plus with the Ultra racing chassis bracing, Eibach Sway bars & Eibach springs. Car handles great
  5. spider55

    Few mods

    Welcome aboard, car looks great
  6. spider55

    New guy here

    Welcome, yes you can run a 8.5F & 9.0R
  7. spider55

    New to the Forum and the G70

    Welcome, good looking car
  8. spider55

    DIY; ARK Performance Stinger GT-F Lowering Springs Installation Guide

    You need to use loctite on the threads where the lock nut is then let it sit for 12 hours so it can dry.
  9. spider55

    Same size tires front and rear on GT

    The biggest you can fit is 275, 265 for sure.
  10. spider55

    Dual Clutch Transmission

    None of the Stingers came with a DCT, I do believe the New K5 GT came with one.
  11. spider55

    PPF, Ceramic Coating or both?

    I have PPF on the front of the car & then paint correction ceramic coating on the rest of the car.
  12. spider55

    Navigation System update - 2019 Kia Stinger

    Sounds like you forgot a step, here's a couple of videos to show the process. Hope this helps. (1) How to Update Maps on Your Kia - YouTube (1) Kia Navigation Update - Step by Step instructions - YouTube
  13. spider55

    Same size tires front and rear on GT

    Yes you can run a 255 in the front & if you have a 18x10.5 45 to 48 offset on the rear you can run a 295. My setup is 19x8.5 35 19x11 50 255/295
  14. spider55

    305 Width Rear Tires?

    My wheel specs are 19x8.5 35 19x11 50. The 11in wide rear wheel is the largest you can install in the rear without spacers If you had a widebody kit installed you can go wider.
  15. spider55

    305 Width Rear Tires?

    You can run a 295 on a 10, just make sure the offset is cut right. I had my wheels cut for my car..
  16. spider55

    New to the forum

    Welcome & congratulations, great looking car
  17. spider55

    Exhaust tips

    The universal tips come with exhaust clamps & attach straight to your exhaust pipes. No modifications will be needed as long as you get the right size.
  18. spider55

    Exhaust tips

    Welcome, you will have to research what's out there, MBRP makes exhaust tip as well, here's their website. Just make sure you measure the opening before buying. Search: 517 results found for "tip" – MBRP USA
  19. spider55

    What is a good replacement for brakes/rotors that fit on Brembo calipers?

    Look on this website, they have multiple pads to choose from. Stinger (khartunerz.com)
  20. spider55

    Unreal traction thru deep puddles

    Welcome & congratulations, post some photo's