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  1. spider55

    FS Ultimate Performance Downpipes & Midpipes

    Sometimes it takes a few days because these guys work and they don't check the site everyday.
  2. spider55

    FS Ultimate Performance Downpipes & Midpipes

    Welcome aboard @Julian Dyson, yes you can have a private conversation. Hover your curser over their user name & a box will pop up then click on START CONVERSATION.
  3. spider55

    New member with a question

    Welcome, Yes, the warranty does not cover spillages or anything that is caused by the owner.
  4. spider55

    SSR Performance Dual Front Mount CAI - PRE-ORDER SPECIAL! (pics/vid inside)

    Welcome aboard @Robmag, I do believe that they discontinued those intakes.
  5. spider55

    New G70 3.3 owner

    Welcome & congratulations, great looking car
  6. spider55

    New owner-- Hi everyone!

    Welcome & congratulations
  7. spider55

    New G70 3.3T SP and factory PPF question

    Welcome aboard @LynnL716
  8. spider55

    New G70 3.3T SP and factory PPF question

    Welcome & congratulations
  9. spider55

    I just bought a 2019 G70 3.3l

    Welcome & congratulations, post some pictures
  10. spider55

    New G70

    Welcome & congratulations, post some pictures when you get a chance
  11. spider55

    Tire replacement wear front to rear

    If you can afford to replace all 4 do that
  12. spider55

    JB4 installed. Now to remove the governor??

    Look up the history of the car, go back to when it was sold to see what tire's the car came with or take it out take it up to 134+. A lot of the cars sold on the east coast were sold with all season tires so there governed at 134.
  13. spider55

    Taillight Replacement

    Welcome aboard, your best bet would be EBAY
  14. spider55

    can i use winter tires in the summer ?

    Welcome aboard, If the tires are just for winter, then no. You could use them for summer, but they will wear out fast.
  15. spider55

    19x8.5 & 19x11s with 295s.... lookin good!

    35 front 50 rear offsets
  16. spider55

    Help with alignment question

    Welcome, unfortunately not every alignment shop knows how to align these cars. Talk to your friends & see who they recommend, even some of the dealerships don't know WTH they are talking about.
  17. spider55

    New g70 in Hallasan green 💚

    Welcome & Congratulations, great looking car!
  18. spider55

    FS Stock Exhaust - 2018 Stinger GT2

    Welcome Aboard
  19. spider55

    FS WTB JB4

    If I come across one I'll let you know.