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Eibachs and 20s!


New Member
Bel Air, MD, USA
Not many modded G70s out there, but here is mine. My goal was to improve handling, add a bit more attitude, but keep it classy and luxurious. I wanted it to look as if the factory produced a higher performance variant like a model S or N.

It rides a tad rougher, but handles much better. Wheels are lighter than stock and dont rub.

Tech specs:
2019 Siberian Ice G70 3.3T Sport RWD with advanced and prestige.

-Eibach Pro Kit springs (.8" drop) for Kia Stinger
-20x9 +32, 20x10 +40 rotary forged Vertini RFS 1.3, black with machined, dark tinted face wheels.
245/35/20, 275/30/20 Falken Azenis FK510 tires
-Moya trunk spoiler


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