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My 2018 Stinger GT AWD about three months ago had a warning light saying check electronic suspension….due to pandemic they did not take my vehicle in straight away. When it finally did get in they said the issue was a G sensor and they replaced it…I was just over the 100,000 km but Kia covered the sensor. This week the check electronic suspension came on again….same message but this time when I took it to the Service department they informed me that the Driver side front strut was gone and that the passenger side actuator was leaking and I would need both front strut assemblies replaced. The cost to me is $3500 plus a front end alignment.
I would like to hear from other Stinger owners…this car has NEVER seen a gravel road. I drive two hours a day on a paved highway. Is this a common problem should I be asking questions this repair is financially significant.
This is after I did both front and rear brakes on this vehicle and have replaced the original tires even though the tires only see half the year as I purchased winters when I bought the car. I bought I’m 51 and the only driver and seldom push this car but have had a lot of issues.
Any thoughts are appreciated.
I should note that when I did the brakes I contacted customer service and they thought it was unusual that all four brakes would need replacing but because I was not willing to pay over $2200 that Kia wanted for the brake job they couldn’t look into the matter. In the end I sourced after market pads from a Forum subscriber and had the brakes done more economically.
Thanks in advance.
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It's definitely overpriced I can order the OEM electronically controlled struts for $500 each in America so a $1000 total. You could also just say the heck with the electronically controlled suspension and put regular struts on it. I believe they make a device that you can plug in to the wiring harness so you will not get a light anymore.

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