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So I'll be the first to go here ... just deposited on a new G70 on Saturday, they say I should have it in the next week! Chose the Nurberg Green as it's a colour you don't see on a lot of cars here, and went for the 3.3 Sport Edition. Originally looking at the 2.0T, either Elite or Prestige, but then I took the 3.3 out for a spin - put down my deposit within the hour. Coming from owning a Saab - so always been a fan of driving a car that not everybody else has (looking at you BMW) and is a bit of a sleeper.

Looks great - a very elegant colour. If you haven't already done so check out the G70 forum at genesisowners.com. I'm not affiliated with either forum but am a member on both and for whatever reason the other one has tons more active members and traffic.
New guy here as well. Currently own a Kia Stinger, thinking of perhaps trading it in for the G70.
Hi everyone, another new member here hoping to get the G70 soon.


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That's a special edition correct? Gream interior?
No in Canada the green was just another colour choice, so it's with the grey stitched diamond leather interior.

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