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My Genesis experience


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United States
What I Drive
2020 Genesis G70
Im new and thought I would share my experience with Genesis. The car was great until it wasn’t. We bought a 2020 G70 new from Colorado Springs and loved the car. When we had 30,000 miles on the car on September 15 it sputtered and left us stranded. We called Genesis care and the had it towed to the nearest dealership 4.5 hours away. After a week they called and said it was a computer update and it was fixed. They towed it back. A week later it broke again (same problem)….we again called Genesis care and it took a little longer but on October 4 the car was towed back to the dealership and we didnt see it for 116 days…our “case worker” told us that Genesis would reimburse us for a car rental and car payments made during this time. They finally fixed our car after many phone calls to the dealership it turned out to be a simple 02 sensor….Any backyard mechanic could have diagnosed and fixed this problem and a lot quicker too. It cost me $1,100 dollars to have them change the spark plugs (pre maturely) change the oil (that I just had changed) and service the fuel injectors (that didnt fix the problem). I was told today that because I was reimbursed for the car rental I would not be getting reimbused for the payments (Even though that’s what they promised). I was out of my car for 4 months.
it was an interesting experience. The car is nice, runs good, smooth but I have a sour taste from the customer service and mechanical expertise. I ordered a new GV70 and cancelled it today. I won’t be buying a Genesis again and I will tell everyone I know of my experience. I understand that all cars are expensive now days but when I paid $46,000 for this one I expected to get more that 32,000 miles out of it. The car is worth $23,000 today with 32k miles on it.

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