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New owner

Selling my 2006 Mazdamx5 CSP after 13 years of ownership and picked up my new, 2019 G70 3.3T Sport. Spent extensive time driving and Audi A4, Alfa Gullia, Acura TLX, the G70 is by far the best of the bunch. Spent the evening adjusting all the settings and learning the car. Look forward to learning from the forum.

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Gotta say.....I LOVE this car!!! Waited about a month to get the G70 sport in the Himalayan gray and I'm so glad I did. This car gets looks and comments all the time. Did a lot of research prior to taking the leap. Test drove the BMW's, Audi's and Mercedes C class and after you add all the features that the G70 sport comes with....it's really a no brainer. So much fun to drive but I'm still learning all the cool stuff that it can do

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