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Some dealers may not get the Genesis G70 this year


New Member
If the G70 was already sitting on dealer lots, this traffic would likely convert to sales. "It's frustrating. You've got people coming in [asking], 'You got it yet?' Nope," said Gregory Mauro, who owns Gregory Hyundai in Highland Park, Illinois. "Some of those people, their leases are up, so they've probably already bought something else." This was the case for my mom, who's ES350 lease was set to expire, so she opted for a 2018 GS 350 F-Sport with a fat rebate.

Genesis dealerships were supposed to have the G70 back in spring 2018, but some dealers may not have them this year. Couple this with the continual back and forth on which Hyundai dealerships will be allowed to sell Genesis cars and the Korean automaker has really put itself in a bad spot. The G70 is an excellent car but Genesis missed several critical sales months with these delays. Now, a new BMW 3 Series is on the way and it could make people quickly forget about the G70.


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