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New '23 G70 Issues


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United States
What I Drive
2023 Genesis G70 Prestige
First, I LOVE the car, I wanted to stay with a twin turbo car but I traded in my '20 Lincoln MKZ with the 3.0 twin turbo that ran 12.7@109 with a tune. I was getting sick of $5.40 gallon gas so decided since Lincoln doesn't make cars anymore I'd go with one who does and they look cool and unique. I got the 4cyl turbo and it's ok, especially at fill up time. We'll see how the economy goes for the next few years, right now gas prices are just nudging up every week.

What I don't like, digital key, apparently permanently will never work, a woman I went to high school with has had a G70 for 2 years, digital key has never worked for her. The dealer can't get it working in mine, a month later (last Tuesday) I talked to Genesis support and they have me create an update flash drive containing 38gigs of data and flash the car.
The non-working smart trunk now works as long as all doors are locked, maps have been updated, why they sell the car with such old maps and firmware boggles my mind but mine was from 4/22, sadly this didn't fix digital key, a trip back to the dealer and they have no luck again, not a big deal but it came with the car, so should work.
The remote start in the morning works fine, until I walk up to the car and it shuts off before I open the door. When I'm at work it works fine, I walk up to the car, it unlocks and I get in and it's still running, it just refuses to do so in the morning, it's not the timer.

Aside from the small issues the car itself with the Prestige options is beautiful, I think for the money they could have included the ambient lighting, that should just be a twin turbo thing, the Prestige option should add that as well. In 3 years when the lease is up, I believe that will be GV80 time, we'll see, time goes by fast.


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